About Us
Welcome to the Camden Apartments website. We are excited that you took time to visit us online. We want to ensure you that your stay at Camden Apartments will be an enjoyable one. We love our residents and want you to feel free to contact us if there is ever a problem. Come by and visit us in person and see for yourself the great amenities we have to offer. Please read below our complex addendum.

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Camden Apartments Addendum

1. Clean Checks:  Clean checks will be conducted every other week. A clean check form will be given to each apartment and will need to be filled out and turned in at each clean check.  After three failed clean checks, students may be charged a cleaning fee of $25/hour for the manager or a designated representative to come in and clean the apartment.  Clean checks ensure the cleanliness & peace that each of our students deserve.
2. Camden Apartment Facilities:  The lounge is free for current Camden students to use.  Students are responsible for cleaning up after each use, as well as respecting the furniture & appliances provided.  The laundry room will be available to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a washer or dryer eats your quarters, please fill out a maintenance request online.  Only those individuals who live at Camden are permitted to use these facilities, although friends and visitors may join you in the lounge. The blinds in the lounge must stay open at all times.
3. Parking:  Camden provides paid parking for current tenants in three different parking lots.  Parking permits will be issued at the Welcome Meetings.  Parking is not allowed in handicap spaces without a proper permit, along the curbs, yellow marked areas, or the manager’s space.  Parking in these areas will be booted or towed at vehicle owner’s expense. 
4. Internet:  A reliable Internet service is a priority of Camden Apartments.  Camden is responsible for providing the Internet service and students are responsible for their own individual computer service. Students who are having problems getting online from their computers will need to call a computer technician. Individual wireless routers are not permitted.
5. Repairs:  To submit a maintenance request, go to www.camdenapts.com and on the Resident Portal (where you make payments) click on “maintenance,” fill out the form, explain the problem in detail, and submit it.  If something is missing in the apartment, submit a maintenance request as well.
6. Candles: Burning candles is NOT allowed in the apartments!  Candle warmers are acceptable if supervised.
7. Smoke Detectors: Tampering with smoke detectors including removing batteries is a safety issue and may result in a $25 fine. Batteries are available from the manager.
8. Garbage:  Do not put any garbage on the walkways; if the dumpster is full, place the bags behind the dumpster. There is a $20 charge for placing garbage in front of the dumpsters. (The City will not pick it up.)
9. Defrosting Freezer:  Do not use sharp objects to defrost the freezer.  Simply set a bowl of hot water in the freezer, wait 30 minutes, and the ice will fall off on its own.
10. Light Bulbs:  It is the responsibility of each apartment to replace any burnt out light bulbs.  Special energy-efficient light bulbs are available for free at the office; please do not use any other light bulb.
11. Damages:  Anything in the apartment that breaks due to misuse will be billed to the student or students responsible; this includes broken light fixtures, broken furniture, holes in walls, flooding from lack of turning off water, etc.  Please do not pin anything to the ceiling.  Typical damage charges are listed below but students will be charged the actual cost including labor. 
Broken/missing screen $20 each         
Nail or tack holes in wall $5
Light bulbs not replaced at check-out  $5 per bulb
Lost keys $10, rekey $35
12. Furniture:  Please do not remove any furniture from the apartments, even temporarily. 
13. Toilets:  Do not flush feminine hygiene products, paper towels, Q-tips, excessive toilet paper, etc. down the toilets.  This will cause an overflow problem.  If overflow occurs, immediately turn the valve located below the toilet tank— counter-clockwise for off, clockwise for on. 
14. Check-outs:  The check-out process includes returning keys, leaving your home address with the manager, and leaving the apartment white-glove clean. Students are responsible to submit a forwarding address request with the local post office. If the apartment is not left clean, the following charges may apply:
Dirty baseboards $10  per room
Not vacuumed $10 per room
Not dusted $5 per room
Dirty kitchen appliances  $25 each
Unclean kitchen cupboards  $15
             Unclean kitchen floor   $10
Unclean kitchen counters  $5
Doors not clean $5 per room
Toilets not clean $15 per toilet
Shower dirty $15
Garbage not empty $10
Bathroom floor dirty $10 per room
Vanity countertop dirty $5
Vanity cupboards dirty $5
Vanity floor dirty  $5
         Mirror not cleaned $5 per mirror
Windows dirty $10 per window
Blinds dirty $15
Walls dirty $15 per room

We hope you enjoy your stay at Camden Apartments this semester!  Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions; we’d be happy to help in any way!