Student Living
The mission of Student Living is to create and foster a culture in which students learn and live the principles of Zion in their apartments and homes.

The three guiding principles of Student Living are
  1. Love - for God and love for neighbor.
  2. Share responsibility - roommates are their brother's keeper.
  3. Mutual respect - roommates live the Golden Rule.
The apartment represents the most natural and effective place for students to learn and apply these principles. By so doing, students will develop qualities, form habits, acquire skills, and establish patterns that will strengthen relationships with roommates and engender a spirit of unity, integrity, responsibility, forgiveness, and love in the apartment--all of which will serve to bless future homes and families and prepare students for service in the Church, community, and workplace.

Through an emphasis on true principles, Student Living fosters personal honor, inspires conversion in addition to compliance, and produces blessings of strength and happiness.

It is ultimately desired that, through Student Living, students will become men and women of greater integrity, good "neighbors" who understand and embrace their responsibility toward others, and natural leaders who know how to each and how to learn.